Monte Aledo

In Aledo ( Murcia ) 4.500 properties with plots, swimming pools, gardens, sport courts,
DOMO with an artificial beach, Spa and Shopping gallery.
Welcome to Aledo, a village of medieval origin at the countryside. A cosy village near the Sierra Espuña Natural Park containing within its boundaries many astonishing places such as the cave “ la cueva de la Mauta” or the rock canyon “ Estrecho de la Alguleja “, and lots of spectacular animals such as the arrui , also the called aoudad or Atlas mouflon.

The town of Aledo lays on the Southern slope of Sierra Espuña montains, the biggest Natural Park in Murcia. Sierra Espuña montains, a first-orden natural space, ideal for numerous activities Duch as hiking, paragliding, horse-riding and cycle touring; its proximity to the high quality beaches of Mazarron or Aguilas, and to urban areas providing all kinas of services, make this place the perfect tourist and residencial destination.

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