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Euro-Casas Gestión Inmobiliaria de Murcia S.L. is a young company, founded in February 2002, but with a background of 15 years experience within the real estate sector of both coast and city.

Our real estate activity is can be categorised as such; 

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We operate within the coastal sector, with its predominance of international clients, who generally are seeking a second home. We collaborate with real estate agencies across Europe to attract clients from the U.K., Ireland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Poland, Russia, Belgium, and other foreign countries. We also deal directly with clients from these aforementioned countries. In this sector, as with all our sectors, we aim to offer as diverse a selection of properties as possible, be they promotions, newly built properties or resales. We work only with top rate, reputed promoters, who can offer a history of experience in the construction industry.    

Imagen del contactoEuro-Casas Gestión de Inmobiliaria de Murcia S.L. also operates within the city real estate sector, generally dealing with  regional and national clients who are looking to buy a permanent residence. To these clients we offer a broad selection of housing within  all the major real estate areas in Murcia, using only the finest construction companies.

We also specialise in commercial properties, offering national and international firms the opportunity to buy business premises that are very well located in Murcia city, as well as in the main coastal areas where Euro-Casas is active.

Euro-Casas Gestión Inmobiliaria de Murcia S.L. is also introducing into its data base plots of land for construction, both in the city of Murcia and on the coast. These will be offered to promoters, and we intend  not only to offer the plots but also to conduct financial studies in order to facilitate the purchase decision, including the maximum building capacity of the plot, analysis of construction costs and  of repercussion per square metre of construction.

 Miles   of ZIP code
Max(€). 450,000
Listing for: For rent
Cost: 200,00 €
Ref #:
Office for rent, Saavedra Fajardo
Calle Santo Cristo, Nº 1 Saavedra Fajardo, Murcia, 30001, MURCIA, Spain

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